Vstrong's 10 years of service

 How did V-Strong get its start? In 2007 Lee Thomas of Fox 2 News Detroit started it all... it began with a phone call from a young man suffering from vitiligo. Before the book "Turning White" and all of the attention, Lee was working on the air everyday with make-up on his face but not on his hands. It was on purpose, people with vitiligo know what's up and others would write in and ask. Lee would then answer them if their efforts were sincere. The truth is most people didn't even notice. One day a viewer called to ask if Lee would speak to her son. He was suffering from vitiligo and she wanted Lee to talk to him and hopefully inspire confidence. Once Lee spoke to the young man he realized he was strong and headed in the right direction. As the conversation ended the young man said something that changed Lee's life. "Would you show your face without make up". Lee asked "why" and then he said,"If you show people what you look like then maybe they will treat me differently".  The answer became easy!

          From that conversation, Lee told his story on the newscast. The 3 minute news story eventually became the book, and along with Dr. Henry Lim of Henry Ford Hospital a support group (VStrong) and a mission that we continue today.  ClarityLTF, (a Lee Thomas foundation that powers V-Strong-A Detroit MI Vitiligo support community) is here for support, awareness, fundraising and collaboration. 

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Vstrong Programs

Bi Monthly Meetings

Every other month we have a Southeast Michigan Vitiligo Support Group (Vstrong) Meeting at Henry Ford Dermatology.

Mental Health Awareness

Each year in May, mental health awareness month,  we bring in a mental health professional to speak to the group.

World Vitiligo Day Celebration

Collaborate with Physicians and Support groups from all over the world to bring awareness to vitiligo.

Vstrong Movie Day

Every Spring we have a movie outing for all to enjoy courtesy of Emagine Theaters and ClarityLTF.

Annual Vstong Summer Picnic

This is one of our signature events is a picnic complete with a covered area for safe enjoyment of food and fun. 

Pot Luck Year-End Celebration

Food, fun and trivia! Bring a dish and share in support and fun as we celebrate another great year.