Global Vitiligo Partners

Global Vitiligo Foundation

 The Global Vitiligo Foundation (GVF) is a physician-led organization, driven by the mission to improve the lives of people living with Vitiligo. GVF was established in 2011 by Henry Ford Hospital physicians, Drs. Iltefat Hamzavi and Henry W. Lim, who continue to lead the organization today with members from over 15 countries. The foundation organizes vitiligo groups throughout the world and GVF members advocate for research and education for vitiligo 

Global Vitiligo Foundation

Vitiligo Society of London

The Vitiligo Society has been the primary source of information and support for people with vitiligo in the UK since 1984.  Over time, the Society has established a strong reputation for its medical expertise.  Independent information has been produced for people with vitiligo and health professionals, using the advice of medical and scientific experts.  Research projects have been funded, with the aim of establishing the causes of vitiligo and finding safe and effective treatments.

vitiligo Society of London

Vitiligo Research Foundation

 Firmly committed to curing vitiligo, the VR Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization funding and fast-tracking medical research globally. Our mission is to accelerate the end of suffering for millions of people who suffer from vitiligo through research, support and education

American Vitiligo Research Foundation

 American Vitiligo Research Foundation Inc. (AVRF) provides public awareness about vitiligo through dedicated work, education and counseling. We seek to make a difference worldwide to those afflicted by the disease, focusing on children and their families.

american vitiligo research foundation

Vitiligo Friends (VitFriends)

 We are a diverse group of individuals united by a common skin condition. We were created to be a resource and a social network for individual with the condition known as vitiligo. We support the whole person....mind, body and spirit. 

Vitiligo Friends