We exist to provide mental and emotional support for people with vitiligo.

We exist to provide mental and emotional support for people with vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a condition which the pigment is lost from areas of the skin, causing whitish patches, often with no clear cause. Over 60 million people around the world have vitiligo that is 0.5% to 2% of the worlds population. We are here to help! Clarity LTF is a certified 501c3 charitable foundation initiated by Emmy Award winning American Broadcaster Lee Thomas. The purpose is to bring emotional and mental support to people struggling with vitiligo. Vstrong is the main program powered by Clarity LTF.  Vstrong is the vitiligo support group of southeast Michigan started by Mr. Thomas and Dr. Henry Lim, head of the Multicultural Dermatology Department of Henry Ford Hospital based in Detroit Michigan.

Vstrong is setting an example followed by people around the world.

          It all began with a phone call from a young man suffering from vitiligo. Before the book "Turning White" and all of the attention, I was working on the air everyday with make-up on my face but not on my hands. It was on purpose, people with vitiligo know what's up and others would write in and ask. I would then answer them if their efforts were sincere. The truth is most people didn't even notice. One day a viewer called to ask me if I would speak to her son. He was suffering from vitiligo and she wanted me to talk to him and hopefully inspire confidence. Once I spoke to the young man I realized he was strong and headed in the right direction. As we ended the conversation he said something that changed my life. "Would you show your face without make up". I said "why" and then he said,"If you show people what you look like then maybe they will treat me differently".  The answer became easy!

          From that conversation, I told my story on our newscast. The 3 minute news story eventually became the book, a support group (Vstrong) and a mission that we continue today.  ClarityLTF is here for support, awareness, fundraising and collaboration.  All of the tax deductible donations given to our foundation will be used for that purpose. We focus on education. We invite speakers into our free meeting for all to hear. Members of our group also share our mission with others in person and on the web.


"I guarantee all donations will go to ClarityLTF 501c3 and are tax deductible.  The money that you donate will fund all of the foundation's programs, plus support Vitiligo awareness around the world.  I remember when I felt alone.  I now know that you can gain strength and comfort through sharing and caring, by educating yourself and by helping be the change in others."

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Photos courtesy of Stephanie Corne Artwork